Whether it's a roles-based mixer or some new way of working with audio and roles, I expect audio improvements that include features like a master and sub master volume control, master effects, effects role plugins, audio ducking, etc.

02) Compound clips expand for editing directly in the Timeline instead of going back and forth, back and forth to yet another timeline that has no visual relation to the Master Timeline.

03) Advanced preferences.
   Professionals need more control over FCP than perhaps a beginner does so Advanced preferences makes sense. Logic Pro has an Advanced preference pane with multiple checkbox options. If you prefer FCP to be simpler as a beginner might, you could uncheck its Advanced preferences or they could be turned off by default.

04) Timeline and timeline toolbar improvements.
The timeline should be optimized to be more efficient. Options for timeline markers (colors, dragging) tools, shortcut icons, a scrolling and paging option, dupe detection, dual timelines, source clip and project timecode and a lock clip or storyline in place command to prevent any accidental movement. Thin visual lane dividers, clip selection for copy & paste includes attached clips, batch export of individual clips or range selections, keyframable opacity bar with fade handles directly visible on a timeline video clip, etc.

There is lots of empty timeline toolbar space that could be put to good use. Logic Pro's sophisticated timeline toolbar and ruler makes FCP's look pretty spartan.

FCP and Logic Pro timeline toolbar and ruler area.

05) Transition Auditions to stack and try out multiple transitions on an edit.

06) Color coding for libraries, events, clips, projects etc. With FCPX 10.3 we got the ability to color roles but at the same time, we lost color in the timeline index and the browser. When you have many projects, events and clips in the browser, the ability to color code them would help immensely with visual organization and identification. Color clips in the timeline as well. Editors have had to resort to using colored emojis because of the lack of colors in the Browser. As an example, Logic Pro has a large color palette and you can color code individual clips, markers and tracks.

As usual, the best Final Cut Pro professionals from around the globe will be discussing all things

Final Cut Pro on FCP TV LIVE and FCP Radio.

Follow along on Twitter @RichardTaylorTV or on Facebook.com/groups/FinalCutProRadio or on


You can download and listen to the Final Cut Pro Radio podcast on iTunes  here.

08) Slip audio and video out of and back in sync without detaching audio.

Currently you can slip sync if you open the clip in its own timeline but I expect to see this ability in a project timeline clip. Select a clip, right click and choose the sync option. Type a + or - followed by the number of frames to slip or use the < > keys to slip left or right one frame at a time. There should also be out of sync indicators for instant visual feedback and the ability to easily reattach and re-sync detached audio. A sophisticated database like FCP's should be able to keep track of audio and video that was once synced.

09) Checkboxes to allow custom settings, such as Spatial Conform, Browser column layouts, Timeline view and dual mono/stereo, to be saved as Default.

10) Project improvements.

Playback/scrubbing in the browser and the ability to add a project to another project. You can scrub a compound clip timeline and multicam clip in the browser and a project in the Share window, but you can't scrub a project in the Browser.

11) Save, rename, make favorite and drag and drop organize customized

Titles, Generators, Transitions, Effects directly in their Browsers.

There is some customized naming and saving for titles, color corrections and effects but I'd like to organize favorite effects, titles, generators, transitions via drag and drop in the effects browser and from the timeline into customizable folders in the effects browser.

12) A notes panel, like Logic Pro has, to import, read, copy & paste and edit text documents and pdfs.

13) Multicam Improvements.

Collapse a Multicam and make a Multicam from clips in the timeline option.

16) More flexible workspaces

The ability to rearrange individual window layouts so the Inspector could be next to the Browser and more options for multiple monitor layouts.

17) A selectable overview timeline under the Viewer like the MacBook Pro, Resolve and LumaFusion have.

18) FCP lite and/or a companion app on the iPad. It's likely coming at some point, maybe in 2021.

19) Better overall media management including force relinking of media when FCP says "No" but you say "YES!" You, as the editor, should be in charge. FCP should listen to you.

20) AI features such as accurate audio to text transcription and subtitles.


21) A better dedicated keyframe editor with advanced keyframe adjustments and options. The current implementation of keyframing in FCPX is like keyframing on an Etch A Sketch. Keyframing is important so give us something more robust. Borrow or steal Motion's excellent Keyframe editor.

Final Cut Pro 10.6 at WWDC 2021?

Will FCP make its 3rd straight appearance at WWDC 2021?

Yes, FCP was onscreen briefly but no Final Cut Pro update.

It has been very quiet on the FCP homefront over the last half dozen months and that always gets my attention. FCP was on stage at the last two WWDCs. The in-person one in 2019 and the virtual one in 2020. Will an updated FCP (or at least a preview) make its 3rd straight appearance at WWDC 2021? As an FCPro editor, I hope so! If so, it could be FCP 10.6 (or 10.5.x).

In both 2019 and 2020, FCP's appearance was tied to new Mac hardware. So that is also likely the case for 2021. In 2019 it was the forthcoming new Mac Pro and in 2020 it was Apple Silicon on the forthcoming new 2020 Macs.

There have been many reports that a new 16" M1X/M2 MacBook Pro will arrive at WWDC 2021. What better way to show off pro hardware than a new version of Apple's main Pro App, FCP!

Remember, the world-wide public debut of a new version of FCP - 10.3, happened in 2016 with the debut of the 2016 MBP at an October Apple event.

Insanely Powerful New 16" 'M2' MacBook Pro Models Expected Next Week

(via idropnews)

Final Cut Pro innovation and development has been stagnant for several years. We did get the very welcome proxy workflow feature update almost a year ago in August 2020 but you'd have to go back to FCPX 10.4.4 in November 2018, around the FCPX Creative Summit, for the previous big feature update. That's almost two years between useful feature updates.

FCP 10.5, last November, was a very minor update aimed at the few FCP editors who were on the new Apple Silicon Macs at that time. There was not much in 10.5 for editors on Intel Macs, which are the majority of FCP users. We're still waiting on a full point, full feature update from FCP 10.4.

FCP 10.5 versus previous FCPX Full Point Updates

FCP enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting in their edits suites (or glass cages) to see exactly what the FCP/Pro Apps Team have been working on as FCPX 10.4, the last full point full feature update, is 40 months old at this point. The average time between full point updates is 16 months. So 40 months is many times longer than average. Plenty of time for to develop a huge update to FCP incorporating long requested missing features from FCPro editors. And add in some FCP Team innovation that's been missing over the last few years. FCP Lite for the iPad Pro? We'll see.

I am the eternal FCP optimist and I am expecting an update to FCP in June because of that optimistic FCP worldview. I have been disappointed in the last few years with the lack of FCP advancement and innovation. FCP feature development has stalled. Because of this, I have seen some FCP editors looking at, or switching to, Davinci Resolve. Even I bought the Resolve Studio license. At this point, FCP is still my #1 NLE but if FCP doesn't get its long overdue major update in 2021, Resolve will be getting more of my attention for some editing projects.

Hey Apple, FCP's 10th Birthday is on June 21st so June would be a great month to release a new update to FCP.


Top 20 Feature Requests for an Update to Final Cut Pro

Everyone is talking about collaboration in FCP. I'm not sure how that would look but I'm sure the team would do a splendid job if they incorporate it.

01) Audio, audio, audio.

Audio is at least 50% of good video. For example, where is a master volume control, audio busses, audio peak detection, audio ducking, the ability to apply a limiter or compressor to a role channel strip, effective audio mixing and keyframe recording?

14) BRAW Support!

I don't shoot with BRAW but would like the support for those of you who do.

15) An in-place Inspector floating HUD or right click drop down menu that would be available in the Browser and Timeline to avoid going back and forth, back and forth from the Browser on one side of the screen to the Library all the way on the other side and up to the Inspector and down to the Timeline to make an adjustment.