06) Macs running on Apple silicon will be able to run iPhone and iPad apps natively.

IF... the iPhone and iPad iOS app developer allows it. It's their choice with a single checkbox. iPads will not be able to run macOS apps unless they are rewritten for iOS.

05) The first Apple silicon Mac ships by year’s end which begins a two-year transition.

The two year transition will likely end sometime in late 2022 or 2023 with the Mac Pro. These will likely NOT be pro level Macs (Mac Pro, 16" MacBook Pro, iMac Pro). More likely a Mac mini or MacBook. So many FCPX pros will be running the Intel version of macOS for the next year or longer.

04) With the translation technology of Rosetta 2, users will be able to run existing Mac apps that have not yet been updated, including those with plug-ins. Virtualization technology allows users to run Linux.

03) With Universal 2 application binaries, developers will be able to easily create a single app that taps into the native power and performance of the new Macs with Apple silicon, while still supporting Intel-based Macs.

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10) Apple transitioning to its own ARM chips has been discussed for over 6 years.

Rumors of Apple shifting to custom ARM processors began circulating as early as 2014.

09) The FCPX Mac Mini demo with the A12Z processor currently shipping in iPad Pro, will not be the processor that actually ships in the first Macs with Apple silicon in 2020.

"That DTK developer transition kit hardware, which is running on an existing iPad chip, we don't intend to put that in a Mac in the future. It's just there for this transition."  - Craig Federighi

02) Tim Cook: "We have some new Intel based Macs in the pipeline that we're really excited about."

iMac, MacBook Pro?

01) Tim Cook: "We plan to continue to support and release new versions of macOS for Intel based Macs for years to come." I hope "years" is 3 to 5 and not 2.

08) Mac Catalyst gives developers a big headstart in creating a Mac app from an iPad app.

It does not work the other way around, making an iPad app from a Mac app.

07) If/when FCPX comes to the iPad Pro, it won't be the desktop version playing on iPadOS.

It will be an iPad version written in iOS for the iPad.

06) iOS and macOS are not merging.

"I don't know how many other ways we can say no, but I guess we gotta use a bigger font next year." - Apple VP Greg Joswiak