Top 10+ Complaints About FCPX 10.5

(or FCPX 10.4.11 or FCP 11)*

Wrong Answers Only!

(*No, it's not out yet!)

11) When I use the "bad tv" filter, it keeps changing the channel on my tv. (Justine Robilliard)

10) It now has an electro-magnetic Timeline!

09) That new feature  Share > Make Viral Video is inconvienient

08) It costs too much!

07) I hate the "Randomize my timeline" button. (Craig Bergonzoni)

06) The keyer makes my favourite green shirt disappear. (Mike Clayton)

05) There’s no Auto Edit! (Peter Wilfred McAuley)

04) Exclusively uses 9:16 aspect ratio (Standpoint Media)

03) It renders audio waveforms too fast and completely every time. (Jon Alper)

02) A foldable timeline and a time travel menu. (Gert Kracht)

01) It requires you to mask every clip and maintain distance between connected clips. (Jon Belew)

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