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The Worldwide Debut of Final Cut Pro X

10 Years ago at the NAB 2011 SuperMeet

Do you remember the Sneak Peak of FCPX at the NAB Supermeet in 2011? Were you there? 1,700 FCP users were. I was on the East Coast following any inkling of news about a new version of FCP. I woke up a bit after10 PM EST, looked at my iPad and saw Apple announced FCPX!

I got up and bought the domain FCPX.TV and have been posting original articles about FCP ever since.

We "knew" there was a new version of FCP coming and NAB 2011 seemed a good fit. Larry Jordan had a blog post detailing a secret meeting with Apple for a select group of high profile FCP personalities where he said it was "Jaw-dropping".

On social media, the following days and weeks were flooded with FCPX pundits and naysayers. Tired old cliches like "iMovie Pro" from writers with little imagination and other band-wagon jumpers saying Apple blew it abounded. Even some FCP diehards were dismissing it. Bad attitudes and lots of misinformation was everywhere. As I usually do, I didn't interact with and ignored all the online negativity about FCPX. I just continued editing with FCP 7.

I undersood some of the criticism (unable to incorporate FCPX into existing video editing suite infrastructure) but at the same time I was curious about Apple's forward thinking new NLE that didn't have a rear view mirror.

I saw what FCPX was, a brand new V1 application, and treated it as such. It was not an update to FCP 7 which disappointed many. Even though Apple misstepped and removed classic FCP 7 from their store on FCPX launch day, my version of FCP 7 continued to work just as it had the day before.

I was the Post Supervisor at the National Archives in Washington DC at that time and I continued to use FCP 7.0.3 on my day to day editing tasks. But I did start using FCPX on simple projects so I could get the hang of this new paradigm of video editing. Everyone was starting from ground zero with FCPX. No one was an FCPX expert editor. I intended to be further ahead of those who dismissed it but might give it a second look further down the road.

And I wrote the very first FCPX article on Ken Stone's FCP website on May 16, 2011,

Final Cut Pro X Rundown

Deconstructing the Las Vegas Supermeet Sneak Peek video

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There were several "bootleg" videos of that Sneak Peak and the FCP community is glad there were.

I'm posting a list of them here.

FCP TV LIVE! The Worldwide Debut of FCPX 10 Years Ago - Supermeet NAB  2011