FCP 10.6 & Pro Macs

The Fall of 2021

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The Fall of 2021. September is the typical month that Apple announces their new iPhones. This year it will be the iPhone 13 with improved professional video capabilities. I'm looking forward to getting one. I'll probably trade in my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The event will likely be the 2nd week of September. Tuesday the 14th is a good bet. Press invitations should be sent out soon.

A new iPhone is all well and good, but what about professional video editors? Do we have anything to look forward to from Apple for the Fall of 2021?

Absolutely! After years of no real pro video full feature updates for FCP and no new pro hardware (Apple calls the M1 Macs released in November 2020 "entry level") we expect not only Pro level M1X Macs (Mac mini Pro, 16" Mac Book Pro) but finally a major full feature update many of us have been waiting for, FCP 10.6.

As the eternal FCP optimist, I expect the 10.6 update to FCP to be huge. The last real full point, full feature update was over three years ago with FCP 10.4. FCP 10.5, which came out last November, was a minor update for a minority of M1 Mac FCP editors. The vast majority of FCP editors are editing on Intel Macs. There was next to nothing for FCP editors on Intel Macs in 10.5. That update probably was a lot of work (that every other app developer also has to do so not just the FCP team) that produced almost zero new features for most of us. In fact, there was a debate to NOT call it 10.5 but rather 10.4.x. But marketing won and Apple called it 10.5.

We could see a repeat of 2016 when Apple introduced the new 16" Touchbar MacBook Pro at an October event and demo'd a brand new version of FCP - 10.3!

FCP 10.5 versus previous FCP Full Point Updates

Just as exciting for FCP editors will be new Pro Apple hardware, the pro level M1X Macs with HDMI, a card reader, Mag Safe, 64GB RAM option and 3 or more TB3/USB4 ports.

FCP TV LIVE! FCP 10.6 - New Pro Macs - Apple & the Fall of 2021

Today September 2nd at 2PM EDT US. Join in the FCP community LIVE!

Until then...

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If 2016 repeats itself that would be an October or November 2021 Apple event introducing the new 16" M1X MacBook Pro demoing FCP 10.6.

Also this November, FMC is hosting a FREE FCP Summit event in cooperation with Apple.

In the past, Apple has announced major FCP updates at this event. This could happen once again in November 2021. Stay tuned!