Final Cut Pro & macOS updates

It seems there is indeed a relationship between macOS updates and Final Cut Pro updates.

For the last four years, when macOS was updated in the Fall, three out of four times Final Cut Pro was updated on the same day.

And the fourth year, FCP was updated a week before macOS was updated.

So if Apple history is any barometer, Final Cut Pro could be updated (perhaps to 10.7) on or soon after September 26th this year when macOS Sonoma is going to be released.

Or a FCP update could arrive in Novemeber at the FCP Creative Summit with macOS updated in September like FCP 10.4.4 and macOS 10.14 were in 2018. Apple history could repeat itself.

A discrepancy for a September FCP update is FCP is usually updated in October or Novemeber, not September.

If FCP is not updated on/around September 26th, then it very likley will be by Novemeber 6th at the

Final Cut Pro Creative Summit in Cupertino. In any event, I expect a Final Cut Pro feature update this Fall. Very likely FCP 10.7.

That is all.