Top 10 Reasons I Won't Be Buying

Final Cut Pro On The iPad

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10) Subscription Model - Only Choice

Customers want a choice to purchase a perpetual

license. Apple, listen to your customers and give them a choice.

This option still allows a low point of entry for Final Cut Pro.

09) I'm not buying a new iPad!

Existing iPad Video Editing apps work fine on older iPads.

08) LumaFusion for $29 purchase (or $70)

      Davinci Resolve on iPad for FREE (or $95)!

Plus LumaFusion also works on iPhone and Mac, works with a keyboard and mouse, does 6 tracks of 4K video and you can export to Final Cut Pro. Even with their two add-on apps for $20 each (Export FCPXML and Multicam) LumaFusion's cmplete one time cost is $70. That equals a little over a year of renting FCP on the iPad.

07) Apple has enough money!

For example, they give away macOS, iOS, Keynote, Numbers, Safari,

Notes, Preview and Pages for FREE!

06) The glacial pace of Final Cut Pro

       feature updates on the Mac

We only got two new features in the past 16 months.

If they have to support a new version of FCP, they'll be going in reverse!

05) Can't edit from attached SSD

And can't edit from my 56 TB RAID 5 or use my

1,500 FCP Plugins. I'm not rebuying them!

04) Still need to use Mac version for

      some 'advanced' features.

And can't go from Mac version back to iPad version.

And what about Motion and Compressor?

Are we going to have to by iPad versions or, once again, go back to the Mac?

03) I can already mobile edit

      with my powerful MacBook Pro

02) Rumored WWDC announcement-

      FCP on the Etch-A-Sketch!

01) No 'Make Video Go Viral' in the Share menu!

(Did I already mention Subscription only?)

(Warning - Humor Ahead!)

(I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!)

The FCP app looks cool but I'm not in the market for a new iPad or new subscriptions so I likely won't be using it anytime soon.

Pay for a month and then quit for two is what I would do if/when I get a new iPad. In the meantime, I can edit with LumaFusion on my years old iPad (and iPhone!).

Or Apple can give its customers what they want - a choice with an option to buy the app. That would be the more likely scenario that would get me to buy a new iPad and buy FCP on the iPad.

I just wish the FCP team spent as much time developing the desktop version of Final Cut Pro, which I use daily.