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Feature Parity Checklist

Final Cut Pro versus

Final Cut for iPad

Differences between Final Cut Pro and Final Cut for iPad

This List will be updated*

*(Please let me know if there are others missing or errors in this list)

(I'm not comparing some future version, tricks or hacks of either app)

(I got some these missing features from several of these videos)

Missing features - Final Cut for iPad

01) No editing off of External Drives

02) Subscription only

03) No White Balance

04) No Stabilization

05) No Color Board, Color Wheels, Color Curves, Hue/Saturation Curves

06) One scope at a time - No multiple Scopes

07) No Audio subroles and only three Audio Roles

08) Only one Video role

09) No optimized media

10) Can’t import ranges from connected SD cards

11) No detaching of Audio

12) Can't directly get clips into another project. Export - Reimport only

13) Multicam is only 4 angles

14) No Auditions

15) Can't use Final Cut Pro 3rd party Plugins

16) Can't publish Motion templates to Final Cut for iPad

17) No Optical Flow

18) No Object Tracker

19) No Libraries, No Events, Projects only

20) No Preferences that can be trashed for troubleshooting

21) Final Cut Pro costs $2.08 per month if you bought it when it came out

22) No FCPXML export

23) No Voice Over Tool

24) No Background Tasks window

25) No Event Viewer

26) Only a single video thumbnail in timeline clips

27) Zoomed out audio waveforms are not accurate

28) V-Log processing is not accurate

29) No Compound Clips

30) No saving custom Effects Presets

31) No Trim Tool

32) No Speed Ramping

33) No Extensions

34) No custom LUTs

35) Dozens of missing FCP Titles, Transitions, Generators and Effects

36) Monitor support is lacking

37) No Comparison Viewer

38) No Custom Browser Layouts

39) No Timeline Index

40) No Info Inspector


Missing Features - Final Cut Pro

01) Can't draw on screen or use Apple pencil

02) No Jog Wheel

03) No Pro Camera (should be native with Cam App)

04) No Auto Crop

05) No Limited 40 Soundtracks

In 2023, Apple released a version of Final Cut for the iPad. Even though I prefer LumaFusion for iPad and iPhone video editing, it looks to be a pretty cool little app.

I've read that Apple wanted to lower the point (cost) of entry to Final Cut Pro so they developed this iPad version. Final Cut Pro already has likely 4 to 5 million users. I'm not sure how many more users this iPad version will add to that total.

FCPX cost $299 at its 2011 launch with no further payment for 12 years of updates.

If you started subscribing to Final Cut for iPad when FCPX was launched in June 2011, it would've set you back $719.56 so far with no end in sight.

If you bought FCPX when it was launched in 2011, you've paid $2.08 per month.

The iPad version is $4.99 per month with its forever subscription model.

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