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FCP Creative Summit 2023

As usual, the best Final Cut Pro professionals from around the globe will be discussing

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The in-Person Final Cut Pro Creative Summit 2023 is here!. It's being held November 6th through the 8th in Cupertino, the home of the Final Cut Pro Team, as it has been since 2016.

Final Cut TV & Radio will be streaming LIVE reports during the 3 day event.

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Final Cut Pro Creative Summit

FaceBook Public group

Final Cut Radio TV will be where the news will be posted first.

I'm really looking forward to going to Apple Park for the first time and once again, meeting with the FCP Team.

You can get 15% off admission to the Summit with discount code FCPRADIO

As I said in my Final Cut Pro Creative Summit documentary,

the "Good Old Days" are back!

The Summit continues all day Tuesday and Wednesday with a dual track (yes you have to choose one of two sessions to attend!) with sessions from some of the best FCPros from around the globe.

There are also a few panel discussions and Expo night on Tuesday evening.

The Summit closes on Wednesday with a Q&A with the FCP/Pro Apps Team.

You can View the Summit Program Schedule here.

Final Cut Pro FCPX Creative Summit - The Documentary

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After lunch, we will get in busses and go to Apple Park, very likely for a presentation from the FCP Team about the latest info about Final Cut Pro.

Typically, after the Team's presentation, we go to a demo room to see the latest version of Final Cut Pro demo'd by the FCP Team on the latest Mac hardware.

The Summit starts on Monday morning at 9 am at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara with a Keynote with iJustine followed by a second presentation and then lunch.

FCPros outside Apple Park Visitor's Center

There is also a Private FaceBook group specifically for attendees of the

2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit to schedule meet-ups, share Uber rides, dining and coffee plans and general discussion.

You have to request to join to see the posts.

Of course the best way to keep track of Final Cut Pro Creative Summit live reporting is to subscribe to my Youtube channel RichardTaylorTV

There is also a YouTube Final Cut Pro Creative Summit 2023 playlist

FMC's official Private FB group for alumni of the

Final Cut Pro Creative Summit

I want to thank Ben Kozuch, Megan Belka, the entire FCP Summit team at FMC, Apple, the Final Cut Pro/Pro Apps Team and our sponsors - Hedge and Coremelt - for help in making this Summit a reality for 2023.

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