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There have been many reports of bugs and crashes with FCP 10.6.7 from many different FCPros. Too many to merely dismiss. The problems exist across different Mac hardware configurations and different versions of macOS.

Always make a backup copy of Final Cut Pro in your Applications folder so you can revert back if there are problems with an update.

I didn't update to 10.6.7 but I am going to so I have a copy of this Bug Festival for future reference. (I downloaded a copy but I am not using it or updating my Libraries)

Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 - DO NOT UPDATE

NUMBER ONE- Report any bugs to the Final Cut Pro Team here.

The Final Cut Pro Team can't solve the issues without your help.

They request that you report directly to their FCP Feedback page

At this point, DO NOT UPDATE to FCP 10.6.7.

Wait for 10.6.8 or stay on FCP 10.6.6 or earlier versions.

Final Cut Pro 10.6.7 is a DISASTER

FCP 10.6.8 Bug Fix update is out