Countdown to FCP 10.6.2

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Should we expect more new features with FCP 10.6.2?

Absolutely! And not just the new iMovie features. Lots of new features!

It would be plain silly to put out just a bug fix or maintenance release at this point. It's been four months since the last bug fix, FCP 10.6.1.

Professional video editors have been requesting long missing pro features from the FCP Team for years. It's time we started checking off that long feature request list.

Official Apple FCP Team Announcement at NAB: FCP has Over 2 Million Seats

There has been a "leak" (perhaps intentional) of features in the beta version of FCP 10.6.2.

That is very unusual and the question is, why now? What the heck happened?

I plan on reporting live from NAB, especially any FCP news and chat with vendors who have FCP up and running in their Booth. I'll also be reporting about Resolve, live streaming, mobile video developments and other video and audio product news.

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Apple updates Logic Pro X, MainStage

with new features, M1 Ultra optimizations

Some of the new features requires macOS Monterey version 12.3 or later

FCP 10.6.2 Feature Update is next in line.

Q: Will this new FCP update require Monterey for some new features

like the just released Logic Pro update does?

A: Yes

FCP 10.6.2 Dupe Detection & Voice Isolation

What other features will we see in 10.6.2? Will this next feature update to Final Cut Pro be released in April along with the next iMovie update or will it drop sooner?

Of course it can drop at any time but an optimal release would be right before NAB.

Apple did introduce ProRes RAW and FCP 10.4.1 in April at NAB 2018.

Speaking of NAB, it would not surprise me to see some of the FCP team at NAB as they have been in years past.

FINAL CUT TV February 18, 2022, Apple will update FCP prior to NAB