Countdown to NAB

As usual, the best Final Cut Pro professionals from around the globe will be discussing

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I have word that there will be some Final Cut Pro "presence" on the actual NAB show floor. Not by Apple itself but in cooperation with Apple. I'll be report on this as soon as it's made public.

With the recent beta FCP 10.6.2 "leak" and the new pro Mac Studio,

could there be some FCP 10.6.2 and Mac Studio "BUZZ" at NAB 2022?

In the mean time we wait for FCP 10.6.2 to be released. We already know two of the main features, Dupe Detection and Vocal Isolation, thanks to the recent Apple approved beta leaks. But the question remains, will Apple release FCP 10.6.2 to coincide with NAB? Maybe a bit before?

FCP 10.6.2 has been released!

Of course, Apple will do whatever it wants but the closer to NAB the more Buzz for FCP at NAB. Free publicity at the largest Pro Video event of the year. That sounds like a win.

FCP 10.6.2 Update Around NAB

Searching for Final Cut Pro at NAB 2022

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Who's going to NAB?

I'm planning on going to NAB 2022 and reporting live from the event. My NAB 2022 livestream YouTube Playlist will be your virtual window into NAB. Some Livestreams will be shorter (from the airport, coffee shop, or just walking around Las Vegas) and some will be longer and more involved (interviews, NAB show floor, Black Magic area, FCP area).

Until I start my voyage to NAB, I'll be testing my livestreaming setup and some of those video will be in the Playlist.

The newest video will appear at the top of the list.


AJA Video Systems W4230MR, W4231MR, W4331MR

Amazon Web Services W3500, W4330MR

ARRI C7925, N118LMR

Audio-Technica U. S., Inc. C5826

Avid Technology Inc. N115LMR

B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio C10916

Blackmagic Design N302

Canon U. S. A., Inc. C201LMR, C202LMR, C4432

Digital Anarchy N4806

Edit Share N3008

Electro-Voice C6108

Grass Valley C2107

Hedge N4639

Libsyn W8327

Loupedeck C3119

LucidLink N7031

OWC - Lumaforge C3836

Panasonic C3607

Promise Technology N1718

QNAP Inc.N4032

ProVideo Coalition C10224

Quantum CatDV N4106

Quantum Corporation N4109

Ross Video N2602

SHURE Incorporated C9612

Sony Electronics Inc. C10901, N101LMR, N102LMR +

These are some of the 900+ vendors that will be at NAB

Testing my NAB Mobile Live Streamming Setup with 3 mics

This page will be updated with the latest NAB and FCP 10.6.2 News.

Countdown to NAB & Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

Countdown to NAB & Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

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