Final Cut Pro X Speed Segments Tips and Tricks
December 4

Creating speed segments, by placing the playhead and using the keyboard shortcut Shift-B,
does not create an edit.


Show the Retime Editor for any clip in the timeline from the Retime pop-up menu in the toolbar or press Command-R.


Change the end frame of a Timeline speed segment.

In the Retime editor, double click a transition between two speed segments in the Timeline. Click the Source Frame Edit button in the Speed transition window.


Drag the filmstrip icon left or right to change the end frame of the speed segment. The Viewer will display the current end frame.


Drag the edge of a Speed transition longer to make it more gradual.


Change the speed of a Speed segment numerically.
In the timeline, select a range, clip or group of clips to retime and choose "Custom..." from the Retime drop down menu.


Or double click a Timeline clip's Retime Editor bar to bring up the Custom Speed dialog box where you can enter your speed percentage numerically.



Retime a timeline clip without rippling the timeline.
In the timeline, select to retime and choose "Custom..." from the Retime drop down menu. Uncheck "Ripple" from the "Custom Speed" dialog pop up. When you retime the clip, its duration will remain constant.



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