Final Cut Pro X Tip - Repair Compressor
I recently was having problems with getting compressor to actually start processing a job. It showed up in the Compressor queue but would not start. 0% progress after 30 minutes. I tried stopping the job and adding it back multiple times. I visited Activity Monitor and forced quit anything Compressor related.



I even shut down my Mac and rebooted. But I got the same result; The job would not start. After poking around in Compressor preferences, I did find a solution. But it's not obvious.

Open Compressor's preferences with CMD - Comma (this is actually the preferences shortcut for apps system-wide).

Go to the Advanced tab and click on Reset Queue.


Click on the command "Repair Compressor", which is not expected under Reset Queue.



Repairing Compressor fixed my job stall problem. Give it a try if you are having problems with Compressor.



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