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Remove Attributes

We can copy and paste effects and other attributes in FCPX, but they forgot the remove attributes panel.
A top request from FCPX users that so far has gone unfulfilled.



Until the FCPX team gives us a Remove Attributes panel, there are a few techniques that seem to work most of the time. You can use these techniques to remove attributes from a group of selected clips with common attributes including effects. These techniques work best if all of the clips have exactly the same effects and no more or no less.

Before you start removing attributes and effects, I suggest making a duplicate clip or clips as a Master Clip effect repository that saves all of your effects and attributes for reuse.

To make a Master clip:

1) Copy a clip with effect.
2) Create and select your Master clip in the timeline. I use a copy of a clip.
3) Edit > Paste Attributes to store effects in this Master clip for reuse.


I've moved my Master clip above and to the right side of my timeline to be closer to the Inspector.
I also disabled it with the default keyboard shortcut "V". Effects still show in Inspector with clip disabled.

Remove Attributes Technique #1.
Color Corrections.

Let's start with the basics, removing a color correction from a group of clips. If you've copied and pasted a color correction to a group of clips and then decide you'd like to remove it;

1) Select the timeline clips with the color correction that you want to remove.

2) In the Video tab of the Inspector (CMD-4), select the color correction and delete it. Notice in the graphic below, the Inspector is inspecting 3 items that are selected in the timeline. You can also just uncheck the Color Correction to turn it off on all the selected clips if you don't want to delete it.



3) The color correction is removed from all of the selected timeline clips.

If you want to replace a color corrector with a different one or even delete a color correction, search for "color" in the Command Editor (Opt-Cmd-K) and create a keyboard shortcut for one of the "Apply Color Correction from Previous Edit" commands. Executing one of these commands will replace (or delete if the previous clip doesn't have a color correction) the color correction on all selected clips. It will not add another instance of the color correction effect as a regular copy and paste effects does (via Steve Martin).



We can extend this technique to remove other effects and attributes as well.

Remove effects selectively on several clips that have the same effects.
Technique #2:

1) Select the clips in the timeline.
2) In the Inspector, select the effect(s) that you want removed.
3) Delete or uncheck the effect(s).

You can selectively remove effects using this technique.



I've found removing an effect from clips that have some different effects to be a bit finicky, but it still can be done.

1) Copy effects that you want to save to Master Effects clip as described above.
2) Select the timeline clips and in the Inspector, delete other effects so the effect that you want to delete is the only one left.
3) Delete this effect.
4) Add back any effects that you'd like by copying and pasting effects from your Master Effect clip.


Remove Attributes Technique #3
Selectively remove attributes like scale, distort and crop.

You can also selectively "remove" (set back to default) clip attributes from timeline clips like crop and scale. Clip attributes don't have to be the same.

1) Select the clips in the timeline.
2) In the video tab of the Inspector, reset the attribute you want to delete.
3) The selected attributes are set back to default values.



Don't forget the handy "Save Effects Preset" to reapply an effect that you've customized. And the new create Customizable Default Effect that is assignable to a keyboard shortcut


To be continued....

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