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Final Cut Pro X, FCPX, is a new V1.0 application. It is not an update to Final Cut Pro 7. To help make the transition easier for those who actually want to use FCPX, versus those who only want to complain about it, I’m assembling some of the tips that I use while editing with FCPX. Most of these tips are things that I did in FCP7 but had to figure out how to do it in FCPX. I'll update this list as I continue to work with it. Keyboard shortcuts are in parenthesis.


1. Turn Live Video skimming/scrubbing on/off
Skimming can be toggled on and off with a keyboard shortcut (S) or via the Skimming icons in the Timeline. Audio skimming shortcut is (Shift + S). I've found turning Skimming on and off a bit flaky.


2. Add Edit is now called Blade (Cmd + B).
This performs the edit at the Playhead location and is different from just selecting the Blade tool (B) which requires a click on the media to perform the edit.


3. Enable/Disable Clips
Select a clip in Timeline and enable/disable it with the keyboard shortcut (V).


4. If you DON’T want to copy your media to your start up drive (the default setting)
in Preferences (Cmd +,) and uncheck “Copy files to Final Cut Events folder”. Your media will then be referenced from its original location on your hard drive (you did make a copy on your media hard drive, didn’t you?). You can also save to an Events Folder on a drive other than your startup drive.


5. Add Audio keyframes in the timeline
Option + click audio clip volume line in an audio clip in the Timeline.



6. Customize the Keyboard Layout
FCPX’s powerful Command Editor (CMD + OPT + K) is the former Keyboard Editor.



FCPX’s new Command Editor, formerly the Keyboard Editor



7. Stop using Cmd + S as a keyboard shortcut to manually save your FCPX project.
You can no longer manually save your project because FCPX is saving it continuously in the background.


8. Video only or Audio only edits in the Timeline.
Video only (OPT + 2), Audio only (OPT + 3)



9. Magnetic Timeline driving you nuts?
You can kinda turn it off by using the Position Tool (P) rather than the Select tool (A). Using the Position tool allows you to place clips where you want them in the Timeline. You can then leave gaps and effectively turn off the magnetic snapping feature during clip placement.



10. Match Frame is now called Reveal In Events Browser (SHIFT + F).
The clip that is under the playhead in your Timeline will be revealed in the Events Browser.the Gap at the Playhead position. You can edit and move a Gap around the Timeline just like any other clip.



11. Perform an Overwrite edit from the Edit menu, shortcut (D).
It was formerly the default edit in Final Cut Pro 7. There is no Overwrite icon in the Timeline toolbar.


To be continued.

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