Final Cut Pro X Bugs

Also see Troubleshooting FCPX

Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2

Library backups are not being created for new projects:

Cannot Perform This Operation


Paste Attributes Not Working

Compound clips mess with media management in FCPX

Sometimes the Timeline won't regain focus after repeated clicks.
Event Browser continues to maintain focus. I suspect this is the FCPX version of "background" processes which is not background at all.

The skimmer and playhead can be a bit buggy.
Switching the skimmer on and off either with the Timeline icon or using the S key doesn't always work or is delayed by seconds. And the playhead jumps to odd places in the timeline.

When you set in/out points in the timeline, loop playback and then adjust some parameter,
you would expect to keep looping between the in/out points. Surprise, the playhead will blow right past the out point.

Freezing, hesitation, crashing and spinning beach balls.
Even with a 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 iMac, 1 GB GPU memory and 12 Gigs of Ram, sometimes FCPX slows to a crawl, the skimmer disappears, there is hesitation between selections, it takes seconds to refresh the screen, etc.


The play to out command in the Event Browser doesn't work.


The on and off button for the Graphic Equalizer is missing.



07) Relinking media doesn't always work as expected,
or give you the relinking options that you need in the real world.


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