Final Cut Pro X - What's Next?
June 26

Apple will be giving an update on Final Cut Pro X this weekend...


...at the FCPX Creative Summit in San Jose.

Will there be any new info about FCPX, like perhaps an update or a roadmap for the rest of 2015 or 2016? Since this is a closed presentation and Apple won't allow video or audio recording, this is for a limited audience. I would expect Apple has something new to go over and not just rehash what they presented at NAB 2015 at a similar presentation. Some of this weekend's attendees were also at the NAB presentation.

FCPX has already been updated two times this Spring, 10.2 and 10.2.1, but there are reports of bugs that have been introduced with those updates. I expect at least a bug fix update soon.

The top feature that Apple promoted with FCPX 10.2 was 3D Titles.


Final Cut Pro's 3D Titles look good and can be used for professional video productions. But for me and others, the main improvement in 10.2 was the noticeable speed improvement and optimization. Especially when drawing audio waveforms in the timeline. As good as FCPX is, it is my NLE of choice afterall, there are still improvements and features that are needed.


FCPX.TV Podcast #14 with The Final Cut Pro ILLuminati discussing ideas for improving FCPX.


Here is a list of features I expect to see included in the next FCPX feature update.

01) Save and recall customized Window Layouts with a full window Timeline optionI use different window layouts with various size windows for color correcting, browser favoriting and keywording, timeline editing, multicam, viewer keyframing, etc. As it is now, the individual windows have to be manually resized by dragging every time I change. I do this a dozen or so times per day and thousands of times over the years.This is a huge time waster. Manually resizing a window is from the 1990s. Give us recallable window layouts. Logic Pro X has up to 99. Customizable and recallable window layouts .

Right now there is a single default window layout that you can recall, "Revert to Original Layout" under the Window menu. I expect there will be customizable window layouts that you can save and recall like there are Keyboard Command Sets presently. There already is a Layouts folder.



02) A remove clip attributes window with checkboxes to remove specific or all attributes.
including effects and color corrections, from one or more selected clips.



03) Major Audio improvements.
Whether it's a roles mixer or some new way of working with audio, I expect audio improvements that include features like a master and sub volume control, effects plugin inserts, audio only fades and crossfades to multiple clips via keyboard shortcut, etc.



04) Color labels for video clips, audio clips, Events, Projects, Storylines, selections, Roles, Keywords folders, etc. 
Having hundreds of audio clips in the timeline that are indentical in color, can be visually confusing. Color offers a major benefit to visual organization. There presently is no custom color coding in FCPX while the Mac OS has color "Tags".



05) Thin lane dividers to organize complex projects with hundreds of clips into specific lanes.


06) Slip audio and video out of and back in sync without detaching audio.
Currently you can slip sync if you open the clip in its own timeline but I expect to see this ability in a project timeline clip
Select a clip, right click and choose the sync option. Type a + or - followed by the number of frames to slip or use the < > keys to slip left or right one frame at a time. There should also be out of sync indicators for instant visual feedback and the ability to easily reattach and re-sync detached audio. A sophisticated database like FCPX's should be able to keep track of audio and video that was once synced.



07) Checkboxes to allow custom settings, such as Spatial Conform and dual mono/stereo, to be saved .



08) Project playback/scrubbing in the browser.
You can scrub a compound clip timeline and multicam clip in the browser, but not a project.



09) More attaching options like the ability to attach a clip or storyline to any other clip or storyline
or to completely disconnect and reconnect, rather than only attaching to the main storyline as FCPX does now.




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