Final Cut Pro X 10.1.4 came out on December 2nd, the day after I posted this article. It is not the feature update that many were expecting but has some performance enhancements and bug fixes. The Pro Video Format version 2.0 update is the update that includes MFX support. So that's two minor FCPX updates in a row and 162 days since the last full feature update. Here's hoping we soon get the update that includes features that many have been requesting for quite awhile.

See About That Final Cut Pro X 10.1.4 Update

Waiting on Final Cut Pro X 10.1.4
December 1

It's been very quiet on the Final Cut Pro X front over the last 4 - 5 months. That make me suspicious that a feature update is due soon. Hopefully before Christmas. The last FCPX feature update was around 156 days ago.

This is not a Final Cut Pro X feature request list or a wish list (that's here), but rather a list of features I expect to see included in the next FCPX update, 10.1.4. We should soon see the next Final Cut Pro feature update along with possibly a Logic Pro X update, a Motion update and an updated Mac Pro. It's a bit odd that Apple's flagship pro video app has not been updated for Yosemite when most of their other apps have.

01) Besides a Yosemite workover, further Library sharing, collaboration and media management refinement.
The way we store and manage our media and databases has changed three times over the last 12 months. The current system can still use further improvement and ease of use and I'd like to see that in this next update. Easier, better documented Library sharing for collaborating and long distance editors would be welcome.

Another example is that Motion Templates are left behind when doing media management, Library or project sharing. You have to remember and then copy the current Motion Templates manually. That's hardly a modern method of media management. A checkbox option or pop-up reminder to include Motion Templates should be included when sharing, copying or moving a Library. Or even an iCloud solution might work.

There also should be an improved proxy workflow that includes an option or pop-up reminder to bring audio files and graphic files along with proxy files when you want to work with proxies. Right now, it's an all or nothing approach when working with proxies. I'd like the option to work with 4K proxies, which are 1920x1080, along with1920x1080 original or optimized media, in the same timeline. A pop-up warning would let you know if you are using any proxy files in the timeline when you are Exporting. I'd also like a few quality options when making proxy files.

Another example of media management that needs improvement is when sharing a YouTube video, the encoded file is deleted even if it is stored externally. YouTube encoded files are not readily accessible. I reuse my YouTube encoded files often and I prefer not to have to make a new one each time. I also prefer that FCPX doesn't delete any of my media on its own.


Improved Import window media options.
There should be more flexible media management options in the Import Media window. For example, allow us to create a new Library and Event and set media storage locations/options in the Import Media dialog window.

02) Keyboard shortcuts improvements
including keyboard shortcuts and timeline buttons to switch to a different set of keyboard shortcuts and linking keyboard shortcuts with window layouts (Alex 4D).



03) Save a Library as a Template and be able to select a Library Template from a Master Template Chooser.


You would be prompted for a location and a name, which would telegraph through to the template Events. The template would recreate Smart collections, Events, managed or external preference, media folder structure, etc. You could save multiple templates for different Library needs. This would save time from creating a Library from scratch, especially complex Libraries that you reuse on a regular basis. You can make a template Library and duplicate it in FCPX, but you still have to set Library preferences, make an external folder if using external media, and point your media and cache files to it. This would make the process automatic and easy.


04) The ability to slip audio and video out of and in sync without detaching audio.
Currently you can slip sync if you open the clip in its own timeline but I expect to see this ability in a project timeline clip
Select a clip, right click and choose the sync option. Type a + or - followed by the number of frames to slip or use the < > keys to slip left or right one frame at a time. There should also be out of sync indicators for instant visual feedback and the ability to easily reattach and re-sync detached audio. A sophisticated database like FCPX's should be able to keep track of audio and video that was once synced.



05) Checkboxes to allow custom settings, such as Spatial Conform and dual mono/stereo, to be saved .



06) Customizable window layouts with a full window Timeline option.
Right now there is a single default window layout that you can reset, "Revert to Original Layout" under the Window menu. I expect there will be customizable window layouts that you can save and recall like there are Keyboard Command Sets presently. There already is a Layouts folder. I use a completely different layout for editing in the timeline, tagging clips in the browser, multicam, color correction, etc. I'm constantly manually resizing the timeline, viewer and browser for different jobs. Being able to save and recall window layouts is due.



07) Color coding for libraries, events, clips, projects, roles, etc.
There presently is no custom color coding in FCPX while t
he Mac OS has color "Tags".



08) Project playback/scrubbing in the browser.
We know timelines can be scrubbed in the browser because you can scrub a compound clip timeline in the browser.



09) More attaching options like the ability to attach a clip or storyline to any other clip or storyline
or to completely disconnect and reconnect, rather than only attaching to the main storyline as FCPX does now.



10) Timeline toolbar improvements.
Options for timeline markers, tools, shortcut icons, source clip and project timecode and a lock clip or storyline in place command to prevent any accidental movement. There is lots of empty timeline toolbar space that could be put to good use. Logic Pro X's sophisticated timeline toolbar and ruler makes FCPX's look pretty spartan. Logic Po X has an Advanced preference pane with multiple checkbox options. If you prefer FCPX to be simpler, you could uncheck its Advanced preferences.



Logic Pro X timeline toolbar and ruler area.


11) Audio improvements.
Whether it's a roles mixer or some new way of working with audio, I expect audio improvements that include a master volume control and the ability to add a limiter to a group of clips, pre or post master audio control.



12) iPad Final Cut Pro X Remote app like the extensive Logic Pro X iPad Remote app.
This could include tabs for windows like a customizable palette of keyboard shortcuts, a large view inspector, audio & audio plugin controls, effect controls, audio roles mixer, etc.



I'm sure there will be some other surprises the team will throw in the mix for FCPX 10.1.4.


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