Waiting on Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2
Final Cut Pro X 10.1.2 is here. Adopted features in red below.

This is not a Final Cut Pro X feature request list or wish list (that's here), but rather a list of features I expect to see included in the imminent FCPX 10.1.2 feature and bug fix update. Apple recently released an extensive Logic Pro X update with hundreds of improvements. And Mac OSX was recently updated to 10.9.3 with improved 4K display support. We should be seeing the next feature update and bug fix for FCPX, 10.1.2, very soon.


01) Library refinement with external management option for optimized media, shared media and render files.
resently, all optimized media has to be stored inside of the Library.
If your original media is typical H.264 and you choose to make optimized media, the optimized media will be 3 to 4 times the file size of your original media. This would result in your library being up to four times the size of your external media folder. This eliminates one of the main advantages of using external media with Final Cut Pro, keeping the Library size small. There are also times when I want to make a copy of a file that I uploaded to YouTube. Now, that file is stored inside of the Library in the Shared Items folder. It would be easier to get to it if shared media is stored externally.



02) Full featured XML import/export including Library XML.
Currently, there is no Library XML available and some items are missing from event and project XML.
For example, if you export event XML, it doesn't contain project XML, even though projects are inside of events. Every project has to be exported as a separate XML file. 12 projects = 12 XML files. Another example of incomplete XML, Smart collections reset Type to Audition when using XML. A Library XML file should be complete and include all events and projects in a single master XML file.

03) Customizable window layouts.
Right now there is a single default window layout that you can reset, "Revert to Original Layout" under the Window menu. I expect there will be customizable window layouts that you can save and recall like there are Keyboard Command Sets presently. There already is a Layouts folder. I use a completely different layout for editing in the timeline, tagging clips in the browser, multicam, color correction, etc. I'm constantly resizing the timeline, viewer and browser for different jobs. Being able to save and recall window layouts is due.



04) Custom naming, make favorites and folder organization for Effects, Transitions, Titles, Generators.
I do some Effects folder organization in the Finder but I expect to do it natively in FCPX.



05) Color coding for libraries, events, clips, projects, roles, etc.
There presently is no custom color coding in FCPX while t
he Mac OS has color "Tags".



06) Project playback/scrubbing in the browser.
We know timelines can be scrubbed in the browser because you can scrub a compound clip timeline in the browser.



07) Full window timeline on a second monitor.
Some timelines need more real estate.



08) Revamped, more efficient color correction tools and scopes.
I expect a new version of the color correction tools including a master color correction window
where you can bring up any color correction tool or scope.



09) Option to attach a clip to an attached clip, audio clip or secondary storyline
rather than only attaching to the main storyline as FCPX does now.



10) Timeline improvements.
Timeline markers, new tools, shortcut icons and a lock a clip in place command to prevent any accidental movement. There is lots of empty timeline bar space that could be put to good use.



11) Audio improvements.
Whether it's a mixer or some new way of working with audio, I expect audio improvements that include a master volume control.



I'm sure there will be some other surprises the FCPX team will throw in the mix.


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