Waiting on Final Cut Pro X
The next FCPX feature update in October.

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 is out
101 90-some Requests for Final Cut Pro X

Apple has updated all of thier apps recently - Aperture, Pages, Safari, Numbers, iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes .... every app except Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro. Many, if not all FCPX users, are anxiously awaiting the next major feature update to Final Cut Pro X. At this point the FCPX faithful have waited 15 months for a more complete feature set version of FCPX. At this late stage, it seems like Apple will only have one more FCPX update for the rest of 2012. So this next one should be a doozy. I wouldn't be surprised to see Logic Pro X finally released as well. It's been over three years since Logic Pro 9 was released.


Here's a count of improvements, fixes and added features of the FCPX updates so far.

10.0.1 adds 8 features, addresses 9 issues
10.0.2 fixes and addresses 3 issues
10.0.3 adds 11 features, improves and fixes 8 issues
10.0.4 improves and fixes 8 issues

10.0.5 fixes 5 issues and enhances 1 (MacbookPro Retina display)

Going by Apple's release notes, Final Cut Pro X hasn't had new features added for 8+ months at this point. The last features were added on January 31st (10.0.3). That update had 11 new features including their superb Multicam implementation.

Final Cut Pro highest version numbers:

FCP 5.0.4
FCP 5.1.4
FCP 6.0.6
FCP 7.0.3
FCPX 10.0.6 (so far)

This 8+ month no-major-features-added timeline hopefully means that the FCPX team has had the time to add a slew of new features as well as the ones Apple has already announced for 2012:

Multichannel Audio Editing Tools
Dual Viewers
MXF Plug-in Support
RED camera support.

The Dual Viewers and Audio Editing Tools could be examples where the FCPX team has listened to the users requests. Hopefully there are more users requests filled in the next feature update.


Final Cut Pro X has some unique forward thinking features that other NLEs have already started copying (Premiere has copied FCPX's skimmer and I expect Avid will soon). But it is also missing some main features that we had in FCP7.

Everyone has their wish list of missing features that they would like to see in the next FCPX update.
main requests that I've repeatedly seen are:

Scrolling timeline
audio capabilities
True roundtripping with Motion
Keyframeable color correction parameters
Copy and paste individual clip attributes
Two-up display option
Save and recall window layouts
Remember in and out points selection in a browser clip
Multiple editors working on a SAN at the same time
Custom frame sizes and frame rates

(You can see my FCPX 99 feature request list here.)

I've used FCPX from day one and, for the most part, I really like its refreshing unique editing paradigm. It is my NLE of choice, coming from over ten years of editing with and teaching Final Cut Pro. Yes FCPX needs improvements. There is efficiency in some traditional ways of editing video in FCP7 and Final Cut Pro X really needs to add some of those features back. Perhaps in a unique modern FCPX way like they did with multicam.

When Walter Murch can edit his timeline effectively in Final Cut Pro X, we will be where we need to be with FCPX. All in all, I am glad that Apple has continued to develop a modern video NLE and not just drop their provideo apps altogether. A more full featured version of Final Cut Pro X is on the way.


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