Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Tips and Tricks 04
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04-01) I've been using Path Finder as a Finder substitute for years.
Among its many useful features is the ability to choose a view option to treat packages as folders. Checking this option gives FCPX bundles a disclosure triangle in a Path Finder window. Do not use this view option for Applications because doubleclicking the icon will open the app package, not launch the app.


04-02) I catalog my hard drives so I can search for media without opening FCPX.
I've been using NeoFinder as a digital asset manager to keep track of media on dozens of hard drives. NeoFinder can catalog inside of FCPX bundles...



....if you uncheck "Package Contents" in Cataloging > Ignore.



04-03) You can now roll edit a clip to zero duration,
but you can't ripple edit a clip to zero duration. It stops one frame short like the roll edit used to.



04-04) To move media files from inside a Library to another location (FCPX 10.1.3)
(change from managed media to external media) use the Consolidate command. In the Libraries list, select a Library that you want to move. From the Library Properties Inspector choose Modify Settings



In the Set storage locations window, select "Choose..." from the "Media" drop down menu.


Navigate to your location and create a folder, if one does not exist, in which to move your files. Moving files removes them from their original location (your library or event) and replaces them with symlinks to the new location.

Then select the Library and go to File > Consolidate Library files and your media will be moved to your new location.



04-05) Final Cut Pro X 10.1 has three categories for media, - Managed, External and Generated.
Managed media is media stored inside of a library. This includes media that is imported and generated.
External media exists in a location outside of the the library but is linked back to the library.
Optimized files and proxy files live in the Media storage location.
Generated media is in the Cache – Render files, Thumbnail Media, Peaks Data and Shared Items, such as videos uploaded to YouTube.



04-06) If multiple editors will be sharing the same media,
use external media located on a drive that everyone can access. Symlinks will be placed in your Event's Original Media folder to link to the external media.



04-07) Audio waveforms are viewable in the import window.
There is an icon at the bottom right corner of the import window that toggles them on and off.



04-08) Deleting clips from an Event will actually put the media files in the trash
if the media is managed (contained in the Library) and it is not being referenced by another event or project. If the media is external (outside of the library) only symlinks will be placed in the trash. External media files will not be touched.




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