Where did Stabilization & Excessive Shake go
in Final Cut Pro X 10.2?

In Final Cut Pro X versions prior to 10.1, you could choose to have a clip analyzed for stabilization and rolling shutter problems on import or in the browser. In the browser, you would right click on a clip and choose "Analyze and Fix" and you'd have the Analyze for stabilization and rolling shutter option. This option was also available in the Import window. Final Cut Pro would perform a stabilization analysis and apply a keyword to any clip range with excessive shake.



During recent discussions with T. Payton and Bill Davis about this subject, we've discovered a few tidbits. Now, it seems, you can only apply stabilization from a timeline. If you want to analyze a browser clip, open the clip in its own timeline and choose the Stabilization checkbox in the Inspector. Or open a project or compound clip timeline, select a clip and choose the Stabilization options in the Inspector.



I presume the stabilization options were removed on import and in the browser because the analyzation process can take a very long time. Especially on long clips or if many clips were selected. But some will still find stabilization in the browser and on import usefull so there should be that option. In the timeline, the stabilization only applies between the clip's in and out points, not a range selection and not the entire original media file as it used to do.

If you open a browser clip in its own timeline and apply Stabilization, shaky parts of the clip will have analysis keywords applied. These shaky ranges will show up in a browser Stabilization Smart Collection with Show Excessive Shake after the analysis is complete.



The analysis keyworded clip ranges will also show up in the timeline index under the Tags menu as Excessive Shake. Once Stabilization is complete, the Excessive Shake ranges will remain under the Tags tab even if you uncheck Stabilization in the Inspector. This is a good way to tag your shaky footage or even scene changes with analysis keyword ranges. You can select an Excessive Shake Tag in the timeline index to jump to it, select it or even delete it in the timeline.



Here's Apple's article on how to use stabilization in Final Cut Pro X 10.2, though there is no mention of how implementing stabilization changed from FCPX 10.0.x to FCPX 10.1 & 10.2

Final Cut Pro X: Correct excessive shake and rolling shutter issues.


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