Is October Apple's Final Cut Pro X "Pro" Month?

Two major FCPX events and an Apple Media event.

It's been a quiet summer for Final Cut Pro news. But October 2016 is shaping up to potentially be a great month for Apple's Pro users. Finally. Professionals have been waiting on a refresh on pro Mac hardware and Final Cut Pro X for 18 months or more. For example, the Mac Pro is going on 3 years with no update. The MacBook Pro hasn't been updated in over a year and a half. I'd like to see a new iMac Pro with a wider screen, beefier graphics and an 8 core CPU option. Even if there is not a specific Apple pro hardware event in October, there certainly should be a refresh of the MacBook Pro and the iMac in time for the holiday buying season.

"The Mac Pro hasn't been updated in 1,000 days." - The Verge



"Tim Cook: ‘I love the Mac and We Are Very Committed To It. - iphonehacks.com

Apple is expected to release new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac models this fall, perhaps at a rumored
media event in October. Apple CEO Tim Cook says to "Hold on. They're coming." - www.businessinsider.com


What about the next major Final Cut Pro X feature update?

Many video professionals are waiting for the next major FCPX feature update, probably 10.3. It should be a major, major feature update with an expected and needed UI overhaul with many often requested features added. It has been over 18 months since FCPX 10.2, the last major feature update, was released. And there have been only a few minor updates since then. Because it has been such a long time since the last major feature update, I suspect the FCPX team must be digging in to the foundation of FCPX and making important changes. It's pretty safe to assume that Apple has shown a sneak peak of a future version of Final Cut Pro to select groups like the hundred or so at the FCPExchange Workshop Series at NAB and at the FCPX Tour at IBC a few weeks ago. As one might expect, attendants of these events are under NDA.

FCPX's install base numbers haven't been updated for 2 years. In 2014 Apple said there were "more than one million separate installations of Final Cut Pro X". It's not that the install numbers make that much of a difference, but Apple has set a precedent by always giving these numbers since the original FCP. So I expect they will give the current numbers for Final Cut Pro X at some point.

Although Final Cut Pro could be updated at any time, if Apple wanted to release it to coincide with the next FCPX centric event, that would be in October before or around the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino. That would be a perfect showcase to demonstrate a fresh major update to Final Cut Pro with some top FCPX professionals. It wouldn't make much sense to release a big update just after such a high profile event and miss a great opportunity to showcase Final Cut Pro. Just like it wouldn't make sense to release a new MacBook Pro or new iMac just after the holiday buying season. So it looks like we are indeed going to get both an update to FCPX and new pro hardware at the same time.



The next stop for the FCPX Tour will be in Barcelona in November.



Final Cut Pro Radio will be at the FCPX Creative Summit broadcasting live and near live updates on our Facebook group Facebook.com/groups/FinalCutProRadio and on Twitter @FCPRadio1. And we'll be conducting interviews for Final Cut Pro Radio and perhaps for a Final Cut Pro X documentary as well.


As usual, the best Final Cut Pro professionals from around the globe will be discussing FCPX on Final Cut Pro Radio. If there is any breaking FCPX news, especially if there is a feature update, there will be a Final Cut Pro Radio news show out within 12 - 24 hours to discuss it. You can download and listen on iTunes here or on the web here.

It's looking like Final Cut Pro is shaping up to be King of the NLEs once again.

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