Final Cut Pro X "Cannot Allocate Memory" Error
These techniques have worked for some but there is no guarantee provided. Use at your own risk.
Always make a backup of important files before attempting any troubleshooting.


There have been some reports of users not being able to create an Event or Project in
Final Cut Pro X with a "Cannot allocate memory" error.


Here is a list of possible solutions (some via Apple Discussions and other places on the web).


1) Make sure your machine, and especially your graphics card, meets the Minimum System Requirements for Final Cut Pro X.

2) Make sure your home User/Movies folder is not locked



3) Repair Permissions on your start up drive. Select your disk in Disk Utility > First Aid > Repair Disk Permissions.



4) Make sure any internal, external or networked drives with Events and Projects only have a single partition are NOT formatted as NTFS.They must be formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled): Especially check this if users are trying to access media on a network drive.



If you are formatting or reformatting a disk, under Options choose GUID Partition Table.


5) Make sure you have permission to read and write to any internal or external drives and to their
Final Cut Events and Final Cut Projects folders. Make sure they are not locked.

6) Sometimes folders or files with certain names (PRIVATE, backup) at the root level of your hard drive can cause problems. Remove any suspect files or folders from the root level of your hard drive and reboot your machine.

7) Make sure you don't have a camera disk image folder at the root level of your hard drive.


8) Try creating an Event on a different hard drive.

9) Reboot your machine.

More Final Cut Pro X Troubleshooting help here.


I'll keep this article up to date with any further developments.

Email me if you've found another solution.


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