Final Cut Pro Feature Update in October?


It's been a quiet summer for Final Cut Pro news as usual. But October 2017 could see a feature update to FCPX, either 10.3.x or directly to 10.4. In an unusual pattern, Apple has updated FCPX with only 4 bug fixes since the introduction of 10.3 last October around the FCPX Creative Summit. In the past they have a bug fix update or two and then a feature update. But 10.3 has only seen four bug fixes in a row. It seems like they are saving up new features for a new version of Final Cut Pro.

Although Final Cut Pro could be updated at any time, if Apple wanted to release a feature update to coincide with a major FCPX centric event, that could be at the end of October before or around the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino. That would be a perfect showcase to demonstrate a fresh major update to Final Cut Pro with some top FCPX professionals. It wouldn't make much sense to release a big update just after such a high profile FCPX event and miss a great opportunity to showcase Final Cut Pro.



The FCPX Creative Summit has three days of FCPX centric events and training by top professionals. And you also get to meet members of the Final Cut Pro team. There is an Expo party night on Friday and a visit to Apple HQ at their Cupertino campus. Get $100 off registration with code FCPXRADIO17

FCPX Creative Summit 2016 Highlights


What is expected to be included in a new FCPX feature update? Perhaps some AR/VR native capabilities, a more streamlined audio workflow, further roles and interface refinement, color enhancements, editor collaboration with project locking, more user requests (dupe detection!), performance improvements and a few surprises. I maintain a master list of FCPX requests here.

FCPX 10.3 was introduced at an Apple Special Event at the end of October 2016 with the 2016 Touchbar MacBook Pro.

Apple recently announced 2 million seats of FCPX.


Apple announced FCPX's install base numbers of "2 million seats" at FCPWorks NAB 2017 event.


We'll get the full rundown of any new version of FCPX on Friday at Apple HQ in Cupertino with the Final Cut Pro team at the FCPX Creative Summit. As usual, I'll have a full report of any breaking Final Cut Pro news on Final Cut Pro Radio.



Final Cut Pro Radio will be at the FCPX Creative Summit broadcasting live and near live behind the scenes updates on our Facebook group Facebook.com/groups/FinalCutProRadio and on Twitter @FCPRadio1. If you'd like to follow FCPX breaking news and discuss FCPX in general, please join our Facebook group.


As usual, the best Final Cut Pro professionals from around the globe will be discussing FCPX on Final Cut Pro Radio. If there is any breaking FCPX news, especially if there is a feature update, there will be a Final Cut Pro Radio news episode out within 24 hours to discuss it. You can download and listen on iTunes here or on the web here.


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