The MacPro Is Not Dead
The Mac Pro 2013.

The New MacPro

I'm expecting a new MacPro announcement at WWDC 2013

I was initially disappointed, as most were who were anticipating a new Mac Pro at or around WWDC 2012, that a new Mac Pro was not announced. The Mac Pro actually was slightly updated after the WWDC keynote, though without the latest Intel processors or Thunderbolt, as anticipated and can be seen on the Mac Pro website.

Then a few tidbits started to appear on the web. The first one from New York Times columnist David Pogue who said:

"Many Apple observers also wonder if Apple thinks that desktop computers are dead, since not a word was said about the iMac and Mac Pro. An executive did assure me, however, that new models and new designs are under way, probably for release in 2013".

New models and new designs for the Mac Pro. That sounds encouraging.

Then Stephen Tanner reportedly received an email reply from Tim Cook (or his office) that said:

"Pro customers like you are very important to Apple. Although the Mac Pro has been selling to a smaller audience (as you noted), financial projections have never been the filter for determining our product pipeline. So stay tuned. We are planning a new Mac Pro for later next year."

And then, in an unusual move, new Mac Pros for 2013 were confirmed by Apple (via Forbes.com):

"Apple said today that it is working on new models and designs for its Mac Pro desktop that will be released in 2013."

Apple CEO Tim Cook also sent this email to a customer:


Thanks for your email. Our Pro customers like you are really important to us. Although we didn’t have a chance to talk about a new Mac Pro at today’s event, don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year.

So the Mac Pro will be updated in 2013. Good deal.

Apple actually updated the Mac Pro website to include performance references to Final Cut Pro X replacing their previous Final Cut Studio reference. And conducted new performance tests for the slightly updated Mac Pro:

"Testing conducted by Apple in May 2012 using preproduction Mac Pro 12-core 3.06GHz units and shipping Mac Pro 8-core 2.93GHz units,"

As I pointed out in my original June 6th Mac Pro in 2012 article:

"I expect Apple's 12+ page Mac Pro website is now a placeholder.."

I use my 8 core 2008 Mac Pro and a 3.1 GHz i5 iMac (2011) for editing with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro 9. I think I will add more RAM and maybe an SSD startup drive to my Mac Pro until "later next year" arrives.

If you need a Mac Pro now you can buy a speed bumped 2012 version. Or maybe one of the new retina display MacBook Pros will suffice for now. If you need something more powerful for non-Mac software, there are other pc tower options. Three years (2010 to 2013) is an unusually long update cycle for the Mac Pro.

My Mac Pro 2013 wish list is to see a slightly shorter Mac Pro, one that would fit horizontally in an equipment rack (though not necessarily rack mountable). And with the latest, most powerful 2013 Intel chips, internal hard drive storage bays, the fastest RAM, powerhouse modern graphics, USB 3 and of course, dual Thunderbolt lanes. And maybe even a few surprises.

I'll keep this page updated with Mac Pro 2013 information and news as I find it.


The Mac Pro is not dead. Apple has said so.

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