The Future of Logic Pro
"I want to assure you the team is still in place and hard at work on the next version of Logic Pro.
Xander Soren Director of Music Apps Product Marketing • Apple, Inc. • Cupertino, CA"

December, 2012

Websites re-quoting a suspicious single source causes misplaced concern about the future of Logic Pro.

The website article was by pro – tools – expert. A ProTools expert writing about the future of Logic Pro? Sounds suspicious to me. "Apple said to ‘decimate’ pro audio team, digital audio pros fear for Logic’s future" the quote said on multiple websites. No audio pro with common sense should give credence to a post about the future of Logic Pro by someone named pro – tools – expert.

In a Twitter exchange regarding the post about a "decimated" pro audio team, Philip Hodgetts said
"Decimate = "Reduce by 10% leaving 90%" Very common misuse of the term to mean completely destroyed." and
"The FCP team was eliminated in Feb 2010. FCP X still got made with a new team."



Apple's website
One has to look no further than Apple's own website and App store to see there are dozens of references to Logic Pro. Just as I said when people were wondering about the future of the Mac Pro, Apple's own website had dozens of pages dedicated to the Mac Pro. Why would Apple have all of those pages up if they were going to eliminate the Mac Pro? Answer, they were not. There is a new Mac Pro coming in 2013. I see the same scenario for Logic Pro. Dozens of Apple website pages and tutorials dedicated to Logic Pro.



Have a look at this page:
Does it look like a product page who's product is going to be discontinued?



Apple continues to update Logic Pro. The latest update was in October



I think that Apple doesn't want the kind of backlash they saw with the introduction of Final Cut Pro X and so they are taking their time with Logic Pro X.

Of course only Apple actually knows, but I believe that Logic Pro X is alive and well and will be populating Logic Pro's web pages and the App store soon enough.




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