Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 - Fulfilled Requests
October 31st


FCPX 10.0.6 is an excellent update. Kudos to the FCPX team.
They crossed 14 items off of the FCPX Master request list.

I have been maintaining a list of improvements that I and others think are needed for Final cut Pro X.
Here are the user requests that have been fulfilled with the 10.0.6 update. Apple is listening to its users.


06 Copy, Paste and remove individual clip attributes, effects, etc.
A biggie on everyone's list. Well implemented.



• 10 Further Optimization and less freezing, hesitation, crashes and spinning beach balls.
10.0.6 brought further optimization but it still needs more.
Apple help - "Faster sharing and export using the GPU and background processing"



• 11 Add ProRes LT for importing and transcoding media.
Almost. ProRes LT is now available for rendering and exporting but still not for transcoding.



• 15 User selectable default transition and default title.
You can now select your own default transition by right clicking on it and choosing Make Default.



• 17 Remember in and out points in an Event Browser clip selection
Another big one. FCPX now has Persistant Range selections in Event clips AND you can have more than one range selection in a single clip. No other NLE has that option AFAIK. Another example of FCPX not just implementing new features but doing them better than anyone else.



• 33 Option to move or drag a main storyline clip, create a slug in its place
and leave all attached clips in place attached to the replacement slug.

Now available. To move a clip without affecting connected clips, hold down the Grave Accent (`) key, drag the clip to another location in the Timeline (using either the Select tool or the Position tool) and using the Default Keyboard Layout.



• 34 Better and easier Titles such as modifying Title text directly in the timeline.
Titles are improved but still need more work.


• 36 Two Up Display option.
Two up display but 2nd one is only an Event clip viewer.


• 49 Timeline markers, Chapter markers and extend markers.
Chapter markers, yes.



• 51 Make Save Current Frame available immediately in the Event
without having to export and then locate it and import it.

Easy effective new Freeze Frame option. Move skimmer to frame and then choose Edit > Add Freeze Frame (Option-F)


• 60 Allow a master Timeline selection between in/out points, markers or a range across all lanes ?
for exporting, editing or rendering just that selection.


You can now export a range selection from the Timeline.



• 70 Drop Shadow and 3D effects.
Drop Shadow Effect is now available. Adds much more than a regular drop shadow.


72 Selectable odd - even field order and pixel aspect ratio for Anamorphic sources.
See Adjust anamorphic footage and Add an interlaced clip to a non-interlaced (progressive) project in FCPX help here


100 A Master Element that will telegraph all changes made to it through any Project, Compound Clip, Event, etc
in which it is used. For example if a Master Element is used in 100 Projects, and a video is replaced in it, all 100 Projects will be changed to include the new video clip. Right click, Make Master Element.

New and improved Compound clips can be used as a parent and child element. Very nice implementation.


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