Final Cut Pro X Year 3
Happy Birthday Final Cut Pro X


Final Cut Pro X is starting its third year. It's been updated nine times in its first two years. Three of those updates, 10.0.1, 10.0.3 and 10.0.6, added major features. The last features update was over 10 months ago. In Final Cut Pro X 's history, 10 months between a major feature update is a long time.

At WWDC, Apple announced that the FCPX team was working on a new version of Final Cut Pro X,
especially optimized for the new Mac Pro. And Apple now has that announcement on their main Final Cut Pro X page:


I think that we will see 3rd party expansion modules for the new Mac Pro that will be just as sleek with options (BluRay burner, PCIe slots, tray-less HDs, Fiber, firewire 800) and will connect via a Thunderbolt and/or a USB3 cable.



"With respect to this Apple Software, for example, if you originally purchased a license for version 10.0 of the Apple Software, Apple may provide you for free any software upgrades or updates it might release (e.g. version 10.0.1 or 10.0.2) up to, but not including, version 10.1 of the Apple Software."


What kind of new features can we expect to see in Final Cut Pro X 10.1? There are four categories.

The first category would be to add back missing requested features that FCP7 had previously (audio mixer, multiple scopes windows open at the same time, custom recallable window layouts). I expect the FCPX team will continue to return missing features that are much better versions than previous incarnations (like they did with multicam, persistent selections and Share).

The second category would be to add features that FCP never had but are an industry standard (a scrolling timeline or guide lines).

The third category would be new unique FCPX features that no one has (like the introduction of the skimmer or the magnetic timeline) - where the puck is going, magic NLE features. Whatever the Final Cut Pro X team has up their sleeves, these are the features that will justify a full point upgrade to V 10.1.

The fourth category would be features that are optimized especially for the new Mac Pro.
Crazy fast speed for exporting, rendering, editing and 4K.

Year 3 could prove to be quite an exciting time for FCPX users with future updates and a new Mac Pro on the way. As a professional video editor, user and proponent of Final Cut Pro X, I maintain a master list of Final Cut Pro X feature requests here. Let's see how many Final Cut Pro X requests Apple crosses off the list with a new version of Final Cut Pro X and the new Mac Pro.


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