Final Cut Pro X 10.1
Top 5 User Requests
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Adamski ‏‪@Adamski
Better backup options
Customize layout
Upgrade discount
Colour code clips

Marcus Moore ‏‪@11thIndian
Motion/Logic Interchange
Audio mixing
enhanced CC toolset
better Timeline organization
performance improvements
BONUS- iChatAV Theatre return!
BONUS- h.265 support.

Trai Guzie ‏‪@TraiGuz
1. Stability Fixes
2. Better Media Management with more backups
3. Online Collaboration
4. Stability Fixes
5. Stability Fixes

EditingWhiz ‏‪@TheEditingWhiz
better media management
getting to hide projects
customizable layout
more options for resolution and export.

Hegedus Gyula ‏‪@dzsotu‬
REAL background tasks
tracker, dynamic precision editor
saving secondary cc
native arriraw support

Ben Martin ‏‪@Ben_Martin_
Keyframes! They need an overhaul.
Better interface and eradicate all of the bugs
Pretty much

Richard Leverton‪@EditorRich
Better media management (consolidating)
a tracker
scrolling timeline

collapsing of multiclips would be handy
fixing the inconsistencies around interlacing flags
a stability & performance update

Jiří Fiala ‏‪@stooovie
"skim only in events" toggle
a better way to work with secondary timelines. It's way too clumsy and fiddly now.

Cail Young ‏‪@cailyoung‬
1: multi useraccess to Events in SAN
2: totally custom project settings (eg resolution)
3: first party OMF/AAF export
4: revert the colour panel to wheels
5: project versioning

Rob Parker@parkerdigital
ability to eject drives containing projects without having to quit FCPX!
Interface Performance enhancements

Andy Field@fieldvision
tracks, tracks, tracks. And tracks

alexthecat ‪@alexthecat15
Scrolling timeline
motion-logic interchange
improved stabilize footage
keyframe management.

Fabrizio Mambro‪@Mantro
a single Project File as in FC7

Tomek Sapryk‪@TomekSapryk
multi user access to Events
favorites effects
colours in the names in event
scrolling timeline

Jordan Smith ‪@Malfhok
Shared editing features
Custom layouts
Audio spectrum analyzer from STP
FX tools

Nathan W. Fullerton@nfx1138
Set res & rate of Projects
color wheels for grading
Eject without quitting
"Fade" for auto color adjust
color code clips

The FCP X Editor @thefcpxeditor
Send to Motion Logic
Multiuser SAN
Project Choose Save Location
Color Board Keyframes
Collapse Multicam Clips

Jean-Luc Ichard‪@JeanLucIchard
multi user editing
better keyframe management
colour clips
OMF/AAF export (built-in)
stability fixes

 Mac See Foo ‪@macseefoo
Compressor enhancement: Qmaster cluster use directly from ‪fcpx storyline & Motion
app export utilise new FirePro gpus

Bascomb Productions‪@bascombprdctns
Better Motion Collaboration
Easy Archive
Simple White Balance
Cloud integration
Timecode Reader Effect

Justine Robilliard‪@FishChips1
1..scrolling timeline
2..motion for free
3..Project sensitive keywords,
4..Play user selection range

Kyle Prohaska‪@kyleprohaska
Proj&Events as open/sharable file.
Turn clip conn OFF.
Turn off slugs in P mode.
FCP7 Replace Edit

Nathan Follmer@_Geek_Fish_
Better Project Consolidation
Better Timeline Organizing
Stability Fixes
Better Media Relinking
Bug Fix: EQ Preset Sharing


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