Final Cut Pro X in 2013

What might we expect for Final Cut Pro X in the year 2013?


FCPX was two years old in June. 10.1 should be arriving this fall with the new Mac Pro.

1) I think a two year major upgrade cycle for FCPX in 2013 is more likely than a three year upgrade cycle in 2014.

2) We had five FCPX updates in 2012. So far in 2013 we've had three maintenance updates and no feature updates.

3) Apple doesn't have the luxury of a leisurely release schedule for FCPX. To get and retain pro customers, Apple has to stay aggressive and at the forefront of modern NLE applications. Avid and Premiere are formidable competitors. At NAB 2013, Avid has announced version 7 of Media Composer and Adobe has announced major new features for Premiere Pro.

4) At WWDC Apple announced a new version of Final Cut Pro X optimized for the new MacPro is coming later this year.


What kind of new features can we expect to see in future versions of Final Cut Pro X? There are three categories.

The first category would be to add back missing requested features that FCP7 had previously (audio mixer, multiple scopes windows open at the same time, custom recallable window layouts). I expect the FCPX team will continue to return missing features that are much better versions than previous incarnations (like they did with multicam, persistent selections and Share).

The second category would be to add features that FCP never had but are an industry standard (a scrolling timeline or guide lines).

And the third category would be new unique FCPX features that no one has (like the introduction of the skimmer or the magnetic timeline) - where the puck is going, magic NLE features. Whatever the Final Cut Pro X team has up their sleeves, these are the features that will justify a full point upgrade to V 10.1.

2013 could prove to be quite an exciting time for FCPX users with future updates, new powerful iMacs already here and a new MacPro in "later" 2013. As a professional user and proponent of Final Cut Pro X, I maintain a master list of Final Cut Pro X feature requests here. Let's see how many Final Cut Pro X requests Apple crosses off the list in 2013.


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