Before You Update to Final Cut Pro X 10.1
These are techniques I am using but there is no guarantee provided. Use at your own risk.
Always make a backup of important files.


Final Cut Pro X 10.1 is here. (You will need Mavericks installed.) Now is the time to prepare for a smooth transition to 10.1, There are some changes in the way FCPX 10.1 handles Events and Projects.

Read Philip Hodgetts article about 10.1 Libraries before you launch it for the first time:

Upgrade your Events and Project to FCP X 10.1 Libraries the better way

If you follow a good backup strategy, you will already have most of the safeguards in place for updating to 10.1. I have backups of important Events and Projects that can be opened in my current version of FCPX as part of my current backup strategy.

Before you install and launch Final Cut Pro X 10.1:

01) Back up your current Project and Event folders. You should always have at least one complete backup of your Event and Project folders on a separate HD or other media. For important projects, I have a copy of my Events and Projects on a RAID 1 array, a 2nd copy on another hard drive and 3rd copy on 25GB Blu-ray data disks. For example, I use a 16 GB data card in one camera and that card's data easily fits on a single Blu-Ray data disk. You can make backup copies in FCPX or in the Finder.

In the finder, go to the drive where your Final Cut Pro X Events and Projects are located, select your master or individual Final Cut Event and Final Cut Project folder(s), and drag them to a new hard drive. This will make a complete copy on that new drive. Of course the drive will have to be large enough to accommodate the folders. If you use the finder to make a copy, you will not be able to open both the original and the copy in Final Cut Pro X at the same time because they have the same ID.

If you backup in Final Cut Pro X, in the Event Library, drag an event to another hard drive to back it up.


More details are located in Apple's FCPX help section on backing up:


02) Back up the current version of the Final Cut Pro X app in your Application folder. This will freeze the current version of the app in case you need it at some point. Apple recommends that you back up the FCPX app by zipping it and placing the zipped file in a new folder.

Apple's Final Cut Pro X: Best practices for updating support article is located here.

03) Make sure your OS, machine and graphics card meets the Minimum System Requirements

04) Make a back up copy of your Motion Templates folder located in your User > Movies folder.


Some of your 3rd party effects might not be compatible with 10.1. In case there are problems with 10.1, you'll have a copy that worked with your previous version.

Also check out Apple's Article Before installing Final Cut Pro X 10.1

Hopefully everything will go swimmingly well when updating to Final Cut Pro 10.1.
ut just in case, following these tips before updating might help with any problems.

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